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    • 高清晰19英寸触摸液晶显示屏,可随时显示:时间、距离、坡度、热量、心率。

    • 虚拟场景加内置12种跑步模式,可使您在欣赏跑步场景的同时结合自己的需要,轻松自由的调节适合自己身体的运动模式。

    • 具备无线上网功能用户可以浏览网页。

    • 内置减震专利:跑步机自动补偿式缓冲装置保证弹性的持久度并减少运动冲击特制耐摩擦,抗静电,优质、大规格跑步带,为您提供宽敞、舒适的跑步环境。

    • 丰富的外部接口:USB接口,SD卡接口,数字电视接口,耳机输出接口心率测试,随时检测您的心率,预留无线心率接收线路。安全开关的安全保护,确保您的运动安全。

    • PU包胶扶手,手感舒适,环保健康

    The 19 inches HD LCD touch screen can display:time, distance, gradient, calorie and heart rate.

    Virtual scene with 12 internal professional exercise programs enable users to adjust exercise programs suitable for themselves easily while enjoying the jogging scenery.

    It can be connected with internet via WIFI. Users can browse the webpage.

    Internally installed shock absorption device patent: The automatic compensating buffer device of the running machine ensures the durability of elastic and reduces the impact produced by exercises. The special friction resisting, antistatic, high quality, large size running belt will provide you with capacious and comfortable running environment.

    Ample external interface: USB interface, SD interface, digital TV and earphone connection to test your heartbeat at any moment while you run, obligate wireless heartbeat receive line. Safety switch to ensure your safety when you are running.

    PU rubber coating handle design, which is comfortable, eco-friendly and healthy.


    功率:  6.5HP

    速度: 0.8-25KM/H

    坡度: 0-18%

    占地面积: 2350*950*1380(mm)

    毛重:  289.6kg

    净重: 232kg

    跑步面积: 1600*540(mm)

    装箱体积: 2.04M3