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    1.The main frame adoptsφ89 circular tube, seat adopts aluminum alloy guide120*80*1440mm,the route is 970mm, more stable structure, service life is longer,respectively before and after equipped with cushion, reduce the impact noise

    2. Silvery white silver bead is used in the main frame iron pipe, plastic spraying for gray iron, aluminum surface oxidation treatment, the appearance of the atmosphere

    3. Before the main frame and aluminum alloy guide rail bolt connection is used, easy installation and removal of simple, easy to transport

    4. Internal imported spontaneous motor, running noise is small, quiet, smooth, long service life, energy saving

    5. Belt T1.5 * 25 bearing force is big, long service life

    6. Large range of electronic watch with big window display, LED display, high brightness, easy to clear; Shows rich content: resistance, time, number, calories, and heart rate;16 segment resistance, 8 movement patterns, can relaxed freedom of choice.



    毛重: 72.2kg

    净重: 63.6kg

    装箱体积: 0.62M3

    Assemble Space:2300*850*1090mm

    Gross Weight: 72.2kg

    Net Weight: 63.6kg

    Package Space: 0.62M3