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  1. F1-3000L
  2. 2000L


 Multi-function Motorized Treadmill

1. multi-function: runningmassagersit-up functions and etc

2. 6 LED Windows. Display calorie, distance, time, speed, inclination, heart rate

3. 8 professional exercise programs. Select different program to achieve different work result.

4. New shock absorption device, ensure the sustainability of elasticity and decrease the exercise impact

5. Meadow grain color running belt, Low friction, anti-static special design

6.4 shortcut keys of speed and 4 shortcut keys of inclination


功率: 2.5HP

速度: 0.8-12KM/H

坡度: 0-10%

占地面积: 1725*735*1270mm

毛重: 84.3kg

净重: 75.1kg

跑步面积: 1200*400mm

装箱体积: 0.513M3

Motor: 2.5HP

Speed Range: 0.8-12KM/H

Incline: 0-10%

Assemble Space: 1725*735*1270mm

Gross Weight: 84.3kg

Net Weight: 75.1kg

Running Surface: 1200*400mm

Package Space: 0.513M3