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    F18218A-TV3 Commercial Rowing Machine


    1. It uses 15.6 inches high definition LCD touch screen, easy to operate.Fuction of SD card,USB,earphone.cke_protected_10}It can be connected with internet via WIFI. Users can browse the webpage.

    2、 internal professional exercise programs enable users to adjust exercise programs .Virtual Island video function, training and enjoying the scenery.EMS resistance adjustment system, can easily adjust

    3、Display time, distance, resistance level, RPM, calorie at any moment.

    4、Main - frame structure using φ89 tube, seat choose the aluminum alloy rail 120*80*1440mm, Stride length 970mm is more stable and endurable, Front and at the back have Cushion pads to reduce the impact noice.

    5、The main iron frame is silver beads, plastic parts coating for iron gray iron, aluminum alloy surface oxide processing, elegant appearance .


    占地面积Assemble Space:2300*850*1090mm

    毛重Gross Weight: 72.2kg

    净重Net Weight:: 63.6kg

    装箱体积 Package Space: 0.62M3